Fall Concert Program

6:30PM Sunday, Sepptember 22nd, 2013


American Salute

Martin Gould
transcribed by Philip Lang

Symphony No. 1
"The Lord of the Rings"
1. Gandalf

Johan De Meij

Instant Concert

Harold Walters

Elegy for English Horn
Jennifer Neoson, English horn

Jack Stamp

Star Wars Trilogy
1. The Imperial March (Darth Vader's Theme)

John Williams
Arranged by Donald Hunsberger

Disney at the Movies

Arranged by John Higgins

Procession of the Nobles

Nicolas Rimsky-Korsakov
Arranged by Erik W.G. Deidzen
edited by Van B. Ragsdale

Chroale and Shaker Dance

John Zdechlik
Arranged by Adoniram J. Goda

First Suite for Band

Alfred Reed

Encore:William Tell Overture

G. Rossini
Arranged by Robert Longfield

Conductor: Richard Fischer

Commentary:Prof. Jean E. Harrison






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