Summer Concert Program

6:30PM Saturday, June 27th, 2009

At the Pillars

The Star Spangled Banner

arranged by Bill Moffit

El Capitan

John Philip Sousa

God of Our Fathers

Claude T. Smith

Highlights from Mary Poppins

Richard and Robert Sherman
arranged by Alfred Reed

Harry's Wondrous World

John Williams
Arranged by Jerry Brubaker


Frank Ticheli

Highlights from Jersey Boys

arranged by Michael Brown

Light Cavalry Overture

Franz von Suppe
arranged by Henry Fillmore
Edited by Robert E. Foster

Night and Day
Acappellago, Dennis Smith, conductor

Cole Porter
arranged by Anderew Carter

That's a Plenty

Henry S. Creamer and Bert A. Williams
arranged by Luther Henderson
adapted by John Wasson

Battle Hymn of the Republic

Peter J. Wilhousky
arranged by James Neilson

Armed Forces Salute

arranged by Bob Lowden

America, The Beautiful

Samuel Augustus Ward
arranged for Band by Carmen Dragon

The Stars and Stripes Forever

John Philip Sousa
edited by Keith Brion

Conductor: Richard Fischer

Commentary:Prof. Jean E. Harrison






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