Spring Concert Program

8:00PM, Friday, March 18th, 2005

Chapel of our Lord/Werner Auditorium

Americans We

Henry Fillmore

Edited by Frederick Fennell

Of Sailors and Whales

I. Ishmael

II. Queequeg

III>Father Mapple

IV. Ahab

V. The White Whale

W. Francis McBeth

Irish Tune from County Derry

Set for Military Band by

Percy Aldridge Grainger

Edited by R. Mark Rogers

Prelude, Siciliano and Rondo

Malcolm Arnold

Arranged by John P. Payner

Amazing Grace

Frank Ticheli

Gilbert & Sullivan: Symphonic Suite

(From H.M.S. Pinafore - The Mikado - The Pirates of Penzance

Words by William S. Gilbert

Music by Sir Arthur Sullivan

Arranged by Ted Ricketts


from Symphony in F Minor No. 4

Peter Ilyich Tchaikowsky

Arranged by V.F. Safranek

Edited by Van B. Ragsdale

The Irish Washerwoman

Leroy Anderson

Note:Underlined Titles linked to music samples performed by others

Conductor: Richard Fischer

Commentary:Prof. Jean E. Harrison






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